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Say yes to camping with all the comforts! Thanks to the Lodge tents on our campsite in the Dordogne, enjoy the joys of an unusual stay outdoors while sleeping in a comfortable bed.

Do you like the atmosphere and friendliness of a campsite? You don’t have a tent (yet)? You don’t have a caravan or you don’t want to hoist and tow one?  Our Lodge tents are the solution for you! They will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of real camping, without the constraints.

Why stay in a Lodge tent in the Dordogne?

Fully equipped and mounted on stilts, our Canada Lodge tents are full of charm and will allow you to spend a pleasant holiday in direct contact with nature. They are the perfect compromise between traditional camping and a mobile home, combining the sensations of camping with the comfort of accommodation ready for your arrival.

With a total area of 32m², the Canada Lodge tents have a large 12m² covered terrace that will allow you to sit outside comfortably, relax and admire the nature around you. They can accommodate 4 to 5 people.

Our Canada Lodge tents are ideal for lovers of authenticity.

Lodge Canada Terrasse

For your unusual stay in the Dordogne:
the Canada Lodge tent or the Canada Lodge tent?

Now that you have found your unusual accommodation in the Dordogne, all you have to do is choose its finish. We offer the Canada Comfort Lodge or the Canada Classic Lodge.

Lodge Canada Confort - Cuisine

Canada Confort Lodge

Lodge tent with bathroom and equipped kitchen, running hot and cold water.

Tente Lodge Canada

Canada Classic Lodge

Comfortable lodge tent with basic equipment and a very large living room.

Make your choice!

Glamping in the Dordogne is comfort with a touch of the atypical

The word “Glamping” comes from English, combining the words “Glamour” and “Camping”. It is a comfortable form of camping, more or less luxurious, more or less unusual, close to nature and in the spirit of traditional camping. It is a way to spend an authentic yet unconventional holiday, while practicing sustainable tourism.

It is aimed at both experienced and novice campers, who, for a first camping experience, often prefer a more comfortable and secure accommodation option.

With Glamping, there is no caravan to tow and no tent to put up. You arrive at the campsite, put down your luggage, make your bed and “voilà”, the holidays begin! Quality facilities, good beds, a natural and friendly atmosphere; everything you need to make your stay in the Dordogne an unforgettable experience.

Looking for a 100% natural experience without sacrificing luxury? Our Canada Lodge tents are THE answer to your search for an unusual stay in the Dordogne, combining the sensations of being close to the nature of traditional camping with the comfort of a charming fully equipped accommodation.

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